Oh, internet… you’re so silly!

In spite of my own better judgment, I’ve gotten back on Facebook to kinda poke around and keep up with the people I like.  I’ve done my best not to get too involved with it all, because it so easily turns into me looking at memes all day or, worse yet, my mood becoming affected by some really dumb shit.

My mood isn’t really altered from this most recent thing, but I feel myself wanting to bail once again because I encountered some more really dumb shit just a few minutes ago and I can’t believe how hopelessly idiotic people can be.

I’m a member of a page that has weird, silly, and cringe-worthy album covers.  I’m sure you’ve seen some variety of the site.  There are plenty of them out there.  Between oddly worded gospel records (“Let me Touch Him”) to the infamous Biz Markie album with said artist on the toilet picking his nose, this site is supposed to be where you post a weird album cover and then you and all the other members drop little one-liners talking trash and having a laugh.

But it never turns out that way.

Apparently there are a few people who have apparently taken to rabidly defending certain albums with bad covers.  The admin has gotten a little annoyed with it and called for the guilty parties to cease and desist.  After all, it’s not the purpose of the page.  It annoys me that stuff like this even needs to be said, but I’m glad somebody has taken immediate action to keep negative bullshit off of a genuinely light-hearted page.

But about twenty minutes ago I was browsing the page for updates, and I came across yet another weird-looking gospel album.  It was the typical bad art that you see on a page like this, but there was a comment below it that was horribly out of place.  Some guy apparently decided that this was a good time to bitch about his issues with the Almighty, calling Yahweh a few choice words and really just showing his ass for all the world to see.  In light of recent events, I’ve chosen to stay out of arguments on the internet, but in this particular case I took the guy up on his bullshit.  I can’t find the comment now and I don’t care to look for it, but I said something to the effect of:

“Oh, look.  Somebody is airing out their issues on a joke page.  How unlike the internet.”

Guys, I’m sick of this shit.

I’ve blocked and unfriended a lot of people for all the uninformed bitching they do about current events (that or their abject ignorance of the world around them), and I’ve also unfriended people for interjecting far too much on my page (talkin’ ’bout YOU, Traver).  Some of these people I actually really do like, but their behavior online has really made me wonder if I need to take inventory and re-evaluate who is important to me.

Yes, I used to argue.  Actually, what I used to do was interject when a person made a dumb, baseless statement.  The goal was to maybe make people stop and think before they made stupid generalizations (i.e. “all Republicans are fascist,” etc.), and possibly remind them that they are representing themselves poorly.  However, as you might imagine, my efforts rarely made a person stop and think.  Rather, it made them throw me on another “bad guy” list, and ended abruptly with sucker-punch insults followed by being blocked.

Anyways, it’s this kinda shit that really turns me off to social media.  I know I’ve said most of this before, but it’s just so weird how people are so willing to represent themselves in such an idiotic way.  To take something as simple as a weird album cover and turn it into your own personal vendetta against God is not just awkward, it really makes you look like a piece of shit.

It reminds me of that one girl at Armstrong… Kristen something?  That one idiot with the mohawk.  Bleh.  I’ll think of it later.  Regardless, this girl joined Dr. Baker’s Bible As Literature seminar and spent the entire semester arguing with the professor about the existence of God.  Now, nevermind how self-masturbatory her smugly satisfied dumb-shit interjections were.  She interrupted the class every time she did it.  Dr. Baker patiently allowed her to speak each and every time, basically letting her wear herself out before smugly returning to silence as though she had “won,” but she never seemed to understand that aside from this class having nothing to do with converting you to Christianity, she was making the other 28 of us sit there while she hijacked the lesson.

And it’s people like her, unfortunately, that are the most vocal on Facebook.

Which is why I just clicked over and deactivated my account.  Maybe I’ll peek back in at the end of the year to see how some people are doing, but I’m hoping that this time was the final straw.  I can’t stand what a shit pile of angry graffiti social media has become, especially when it started out as something to link up friends who had become geographically separated over time.

Unplug, people.  Do it less.  Try something else for a while and see how you feel.  If you realize that you can, indeed, do without it, then by all means… UNPLUG.  Who cares if people don’t keep up with you?  Our parents never knew what any of their friends were doing by the time they reached their thirties.  Do we really benefit from these things, or are we all so shitty, biased, and lonely that this is what we have to do to pass the time and justify our own existence?

But enough of that.  I’m stalling again.  Back to the book.