december 23, 2010


christmas break. i busted my balls this semester, and i got amazing grades for it. it was also nightmarish in many ways, but i seem to perform better when the world around me is on fire. i guess that goes back to the whole half-assing thing i was talking about. i don’t do anything at all until it is absolutely necessary, but for that reason i am always up for the task. if you sleep for twelve hours every day, with the right diet and exercise you can make yourself operate on half of that amount for several weeks at a time when the curriculum picks up. right now i believe it is time once again for me to wind down. i almost exploded at the end of the semester, but my grades portray a different story. i’m a sunday golfer, matthew. i go in two over and i finish five under. i’m phil mickelson, motherfucker.

but every good golfer needs his rest. monday, tuesday and wednesday are spent doing little writing drills to stay sharp, but i take just as much time to not use my brain at all. that is the secret, lethargy followed by compulsive productivity. cardio for the soul.

how do i end this letter? i made the mistake of getting up and smoking a joint halfway through this thing, and now i don’t have the slightest idea what i was going to talk about. my cat is pretty fucking amazing.

super buffet,