Following my release from the army, I began keeping a journal.  It was something to do to combat boredom, stave off depression, and to keep me thinking about life and the world around me.  Late in 2006, I wrote my first series of journal entries, something I called The Ross Letters.

This collection of letters is something that I have done for twelve years now.  I’ve said to myself I would stop one day, but I never find a good place.  Life is fascinating and exciting.  Somehow, I never end up running out of adventure or other weird things to talk about.

The Ross Letters, while often tough to keep up with, has been one of the best ideas I have ever had.  Through some 500 letters over the last 12 years, I have documented the change in my feelings about a great many things.  I have documented personal changes.  I have altered nearly everything about myself, as the changes in life have been swift and severe.

I have recently gathered all of the letters, which have been back in the U.S.A. for almost five years now.  Everything has been archived, saved, and numbered.  I waited waaaaay too long to do that, but it’s done now.  The sampling of the letters should be a good indicator of the tone and stream of consciousness of the collected letters, as well as some of the frustration that comes with day-to-day life.


Failure to Adapt, originally entitled Patterns of Misconduct, is now in its next major phase of composition.  It is the story of a very turbulent enlistment, one that ended with a bitter feud and the need for every guy in the room to prove that he had the biggest… promotion packet.

It’s a dark story.  I experiment with some badass POV and stream of consciousness styles.  I might not be where I want to be with it all yet, but I had some great help from an editor at reedsy.com , so at the very least I finally have some direction for the book.


Confessions is on the back burner.  I scratched out about fifteen pages one night, and it ended up being much more bitter than I anticipated.  I was telling the story, but in a really, really dark and pessimistic way.  I need more time to think about everything.  That’s what you have to do sometimes, even though you know you could write the story well.  Sometimes you need to wait until the passion or the frustration from certain events have dissipated.


My Adventures Abroad would probably be the next thing I would want to work on, once I wrap up Failure to Adapt.  It was one screwed-up journey to get me to where I am, and I think that by the time I clear my plate of everything else I will be able to talk about the parts the really got ugly.  It’s not just fun and games working out here.  People go a little crazy when they feel like they need to defend their spot.  The madness even got to me in the end.  I don’t think anybody did any damn teaching in that school.

But that’s for another time.


Because… as I have mentioned before, I now have the idea for a companion piece to go with Failure to Adapt.  Once I finish my revisions, I’m going to gather up all of the rejected stories and make a collection of vignettes that should be an excellent follow-up read once you complete the main story.  I am completely convinced that I can make a collection of short stories work.  I tend to write better when the goal is shorter.  Maybe it’s that adult A.D.D.


Other than that, I blog fairly often.  Not every day, because I have a lot of other things going on.  However, I like to shoot my internet mouth off about comics from time to time.  Also, I’ll throw in some retro gaming, maybe a movie or two.

These are not reviews, by the way.  They are my reaction.  We’ve got enough people rating shit on the damn internet.  Don’t get me started.


So, I have faithfully updated my page like I told myself I would.  Now I can get back to other things.

If you have problems viewing this or any other pages, please let me know.  Also, if any links aren’t working, I would like to know about that as well.

For the handful of you who have kept up with what I have been doing, you have my thanks.