We’ve got these two kids that we are tutoring.  One is a girl and one is a boy.  They are so shy when we are conducting the lessons, but every other day of the week they ask their parents if they can come over and say hello.  The little girl even rides her bike around our house with her friends so that she can catch my wife coming outside.  It’s very clear it is a source of pride for this little lass to talk to her friends about how she knows us, especially talking about my little garden and my fish pond.

All we need is a couple more students like this, and it will replace my wife’s salary at the university.  She spends half her damn check just to get there anyways, so we would only need four or five regular students.  We’re trying a second time to go independent.  She’s pregnant now, and the demands from the university are getting too ridiculous to keep up.

Too bad these assholes are always cancelling.  We’ve had three other people come in, interview, get a demo lesson, then cancel the day of the first lesson, most of the time mere hours before.  We set aside the time for the interview, we get up early for the first appointment, and they cancel.  It makes me furious every single time.  We were supposed to have two interviews today, and now we only have one.  I have half a mind to go to the guy’s house, because he is right down the street.  I just want to see if that dickhead is sitting on his couch just picking his nose.

I can’t tell you why they do they interview and then agree to lessons.  There’s a real lack of empathy and regard for your fellow man in this country.  It’s enough to make you want to scream.  Hell, I even got up at 5 a.m. for a job interview ninety minutes away, only to find there was nobody there to interview me.  No rescheduling, no apology, just a big, dumb shrugging of the shoulders.

I’m gonna stop complaining, though, and get on with my day.  The CBD is pushing back against my shitty mood.  At least Pii Popang kept her frickin word.  Makes it easier to get over it when Thai people inevitably tell you an untruth.

We’ve got an interview in an hour, then we have to take photos of the house for our yearly marriage visa interview tomorrow.  It’s so funny how they are the ones who don’t trust us.  Only the treacherous fear treachery, Matthew.

What a joy it is living here.

Ponies and Rainbows,

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