Holy crap, people.  I finally did it.  I finally got over the hump and finished the chapter that was giving me so much trouble.  I’m sure I’ll be making at least a few changes later on, but I managed to stitch up a continuity error and also do some very important foreshadowing for the main conflict.  Furthermore, I powered through and smashed out a new chapter.  This was another important chapter, as it sets the stage for later conflicts.  I was shown a few things to focus on in the main narrative, but they were weak without a decent buildup and consistency in information.  It is turning out that more and more of the original manuscript from eight years ago is getting scrapped or polished, but that’s because I never knew what I was going to say in the second half.  It’s remarkable how much tweaking the first half requires, because the second half will not need nearly as much work.

I don’t exactly know what was so different about today, but I am absolutely thrilled to be back in action after a week of beating my brains out trying to determine how to resolve these narrative snags.  This has been such a roller coaster ride so far, and in spite of the high hopes I have for the book, I am still very much grounded in the reality that I have to finish the damn thing first.

As far as a timeframe goes, while I can’t as of now speculate whether or not I will reach my goal of wrapping it up by year’s end, I will say that this is my “job,” as it were, especially on the days where I don’t have any papers to edit.

In order to mark this occasion, I’m going to temporarily post all three newly-edited chapters from Part II of Failure to Adapt.

After that, I’m going to play Siege of Dragonspear until I can’t keep my eyes open.

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