I Forgot! (Also, update)

It was entirely my intention of showing a new-new chapter from the book.  I thought I had posted it, but I did not.

So here’s what’s going to happen instead.  I’m just going to get through Part I, and then select one new-new chapter and one highly edited chapter for the handful of you who have seen any chapters from this portion of the book.

It looks like I can get through all of the revisions of Part I by the end of the week.  It will at least be a much more polished version with a much clearer purpose and mission statement.  I have to thank, thank, thank the individual who had such great feedback.  I truly wonder how she even saw what I was trying to do because of how tangential I am.  Regardless, if this book ends up anywhere at all, it will be largely due to a connection I made over at reedsy.com .

That’s not an advertisement, either.  That’s a shout-out.  I no longer have a tangled mess because of this person, and now I think I have an actual good story on my hands.


I’ve decided what to do with all of the stories I wanted to include.  I’m going to put them in a companion piece to Failure to Adapt.  A few of you might remember that Patterns of Misconduct was the original title of the manuscript, but after finishing The second half of the manuscript, I felt like the new title was more apropos.  Therefore, I am free to slide the old name over to the new project.

A lot of Patterns of Misconduct has already been written, as many of the short stories are lifted directly from the original manuscript and the ensuing drafts.  However, there are some other neat stories I can throw in to add a little bit of color to a dreary story and provide a supporting cast of characters that you don’t get to see in the main story.  Also, I’d like to include a few “director’s cut” chapters, something where a chapter was changed significantly and you can see the first draft.

For added dramatic effect, I want Patterns of Misconduct to line up with the timeline of events that take place in Failure to Adapt.  I want there to be an overlap, so you can contextualize the stories and when they are taking place.  A reader may even be so intrepid as to read them in tandem.  If I can somehow split the story in half the way I have done in my mind, then the end product should come out pretty cool.

But that’s just my idea for it.  There are far too many stories that, while interesting, have no place in the direction that I am going to try and take with the new draft.

I’ll try my best to put something up several times a week.  There’s plenty to do.

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