Writing Update

After a rather tense month of waiting, I have received the feedback from the editor I hired to help me with Failure to Adapt.  The notes were largely positive, although it confirmed some of my fears about my style and narrative voice.  What remains now is to comb back through the entire story piece by piece and carve out some more focus.

Truth be told, there was no predominant message in the book.  There was not any real direction.  I brushed on many different things that may have warranted more description, but a narrow, focused story branched out into too many different ideas by the end of the book.  This professional helped me to see that and has helped me figure out how to narrow my focus a little more and describe fewer things with greater detail.

So I have been back to work in earnest, pulling everything apart, responding to the editor’s questions and observations in little writing exercises I am giving myself in order to get ready for the big rewrite.  The task ahead is large, but certainly do-able.  You just have to address it one piece at a time, then when you get a section done, lay it in with the rest of the edits and see how well it all works together.

Right now, it’s all a bunch of small tasks.  I have managed to patch up the first five chapters, now I am giving everything a final reading to see how the new stuff goes with what has already been written.  I needed to go back and establish a few things early in the book, things that would pop up again and again later on.


I could sit here and type all kinds of vague bullcrap that really only has meaning to me and a handful of people who have read it, or I could just get back to work.

Updates coming soon to the Failure to Adapt portion.  Previews of some new chapters are on the way.

There’s a lot to do and plenty of time remaining in this day, so I’m going to click back over to my writing while I wait for Yayoi to deliver my salmon and kimchi.

Thanks, as always for reading (all two of you), and a huge thanks to the Sassy Woman, who hss supported me without question or protest as I chase this dream.

❤ iron paul

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