april 22, 2017


i’m not entirely certain what i should be doing now.  i think “nothing” is never the answer, but i wish i knew what the “something” was.

maybe i should learn some thai.

smash mouth had a lot more success than i realized.  good thing that we have wikipedia.  mike myers is in one of their videos.

red cabbage is very good for you.

maybe i will do some research today on some random bullshit.  if i don’t find something to do, it is definitely going to be a long day.

maybe i’ll play super mario world instead.

i wonder what mario lopez is doing right now.

i wonder what jennifer lopez is doing right now.

what else.

life is good, but i wish i had drugs.  an antihistamine buzz can only take you so far.

a lot of people get the beatles and the dave clark five confused.  i don’t.  i’m a fucking genius.

i wonder what waldo from “family matters” is doing right now.

screw this.  i am bored.  time to do something else.

beat it,

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