april 21, 2017


back to the gym after ten days.  shook off some weakness and flushed out some water weight.  it was the gym at a country club.  fucking posh.  i’ll probably go back.

my girlfriend’s parents and sister are visiting.  shit’s getting a little busy.

right now i’m reading zero hour: crisis in time.  i had no idea comics were so cool.

what else.

i think i’m a little depressed.  mobility is limited.  options are limited.  not enough room.  frustrating.

i have a salad every day.  good for you.

i’ve been taking detox tea as well.  my skin actually looks a little better.

after nine months, i still want a cigarette.  maybe it’s all that coffee i drink.

seriously, i drink a lot of fucking coffee.

i think i’m ok though.  no reason to think otherwise.  i look ok, i feel pretty strong, i still get erections.  should be fine.

it’s time for a shower and then some chamomile tea.

you are in my heart, dickboy.

shut your face,

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