I wonder who the song “Dirty Diana” was about. I kinda feel sorry for her for having to throw herself at everybody the way she does.

When I was a kid, I heard this song and wondered what it was about Diana that made the narrator in this song so powerless. The last verse of the song made it sound like Diana was in control and that Michael was locked in a tremendous battle of wills just to get out of there. It made me wonder what kind of person had that kind of power, especially if they were also dirty.

Furthermore, how did he escape? It sounds like Diana was still winning the battle of wills by the end of the song. He’s saying leave the door open, as if to suggest he’s going to be running away from somebody and will be bursting through the door and locking it behind him in some dramatic fashion. The song leaves you to wonder whether or not Dirty Diana got her way.

I wonder what Dirty Diana is up to these days.

With all Due Respect,


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