nov 4 2016


today i had my first normal bowel movement in weeks. perhaps i have begun the process of letting go.

and there’s a lot to let go. not just poop. there is a metric ton of resentment that i still hold. i hate that i’ve stayed wounded all of this time. it has undoubtedly stunted my growth.

this will be my last day off from work. i’m thankful to have been afforded the time to just stay away and do some thinking. it’s not like my job actually needs me, but until i find more suitable conditions, i still have to go to this building and repeat a set of tasks.

so today… i suppose i will hit the gym early and then take a walk over to my favorite vegetarian restaurant. there’s not much to do while i wait on my girlfriend to come over tomorrow, so i will probably just kill time by catching up with television.

sorry for being so candid about my bodily functions.

actually no i’m not.



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