February 19, 2016


I’m an asshole to the people in my office.  There is a Thai man who notoriously dislikes Americans, and I fuck with him all of the time.  When he falls asleep at his desk, I take pictures of him and show the boss.  When he isn’t there, I throw my trash on his side of the room.  When I take the last of the hot water, I don’t refill the pitcher.  I also unplug his phone and his printer.  I like watching his confusion.

Because he’s an asshole.  He doesn’t like foreigners.  He doesn’t think the school needs us.  And he’s fucking obnoxious to boot.  He never covers his mouth when he sneezes, he has very loud phone conversations, he lets my class out fifteen minutes or more late at least once a week.  The good news, however, is that a Thai person will never confront you.  They’ll just bitch about you and write angry letters to the director.  I think we are both perfectly satisfied with this arrangement.

So how are you?

Love, Pete

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