19 april 2015


I don’t know why it is so hard for people to believe in an omniscient Creator. I think about this a lot, especially since I have moved here. it just does not make sense that this is all random. think about what it takes to create life. think about how plants, animals and humans multiply. look at all the seemingly unexplained phenomena. look at how our planet completely takes care of itself. the evidence is positively overwhelming that Somebody far more advanced than we are set up this board and wound the clock.

christians have fucked it up for everyone. what was once Plain Truth has been hoarded, chopped, and relayed incorrectly for so long that I almost don’t blame people for being atheists. still, I think atheism is nothing more than a modern trend of spiting the christians in return for their shitty behavior. all will be held accountable for what they have done to damage the Truth, including me.

it’s late, so i’m just putting this idea on paper to lock in what I am feeling. my opinions on the identity of the Almighty may change, but my feelings on the existence of the Almighty never will. hopefully, this isolation and strange chapter of my life will help to cultivate a better person who can one day re-integrate in society and maybe even find his place. until then, these silent hours of reflection and meditation seem to be quite beneficial… when I am not lamenting how bizarre this side of the world really is.

good night,


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