16 October 2014


I don’t particularly care for how they handled Angela Martin’s character on The Office, either. There were some seriously strong anti-Christian undertones in who she was and how her life turned out. I’ve seen people similar to her, but the hypocrisy of her character was far too disproportionate. Furthermore, whoever took over the writing raked her over the damn coals in the final season, leaving her bedraggled and desperate.

But then… awwww, how sweet… the nice homosexual man who she constantly scrutinized took her in when things went belly-up. Actually, I didn’t mind that part of the story. It was a nice lesson on forgiveness. However, Angela was way too prudent to find herself without a home just because of a divorce. That part was stupid and detracted from the story.

To be honest, even the affair with Dwight seemed to be too far outside of the scope of what she was truly capable of. I know people like her, and they would never do something that terrible. They WOULD, however, sit back and judge the crap out of everybody and then one day realize that they haven’t made any friends. That’s the avenue they should have taken with her character. The rest was just a load of Christian-bashing bullshit, and I didn’t appreciate it at all.



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