15 October 2014


In the ninth and final season of The Office, the powers-that-be decided to revisit an old cast member and give him a rather strange redemption. Roy, the stupid, ill-tempered, drunken warehouse worker reappears after five years in an episode where all of a sudden he is a completely reformed man. He even plays the fucking piano, Matthew. Now, I’m a believer that any man can turn his life around, but the problem is that they made him out to be completely unredeemable. We all know people like Roy: chronic blue collar fuckups who end up spending what little extra they are able to put in the bank on court fees. Those people don’t change. They keep fucking up and they keep remarrying. I don’t like what they did with Roy. It’s just too much of a stretch. There was no progression. He just magically decided to turn his life around.

I think I would have liked it better if somehow he had life or his well-being threatened. He didn’t learn from getting a DUI, so it would have to be something pretty drastic. I think a near-death experience is the only way to truly make Roy’s transformation believable. The episode is not only clunky and breaks the already tenuous story line, but it seems like an overly-sympathetic writer was just trying to tie up loose ends in a warm, fuzzy, satisfying way. That is such bullshit, man.

See ya,


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