August 21, 2014


There’s nothing worse than having to void one’s bowels outside of their home, except for the ever-so-persistent female janitors that occupy every facility I have ever seen. Make no mistake, this method is efficient and pragmatic. The janitors clean everything the moment it is used, and they take their job very seriously. As such, the bathrooms here are all very clean.


I find it a little tough to concentrate when I know two women are hovering outside of my stall waiting for me to finish. It’s a bit unnerving. Today I was trying so hard just to get out of there, but two women were literally having a conversation outside of my stall.

While I applaud the efficiency of this approach, I am a guy who likes a bit of personal space. Granted, I am slowly becoming accustomed to the absence of personal space in situations like the subway and the grocery store, but this is a little beyond what I can take. I don’t see myself becoming accustomed to this any time soon, especially when at the end she began taking impatient swipes under the stall door with a mop.

Handle your business,


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