April 21, 2014


i lied to somebody today.  a person in the elevator asked me where i was from, and i told them i was from norway.

i don’t know why i did it, matthew.  it’s not really like me to just saunter around speaking petty falsehoods.  i’ve grown up… at least a little, and i would like to think that i am above cheap deception for my own entertainment.

but i’m not.  that was all a load of tripe.  i enjoyed every second of lying to that person.  i’m still antisocial, man… that’s something i have not yet fully overcome.  i hate being accosted with questions at two in the morning when i’m just trying to get some laundry done.  sometimes, that little voice takes over and i mess with the people who penetrate my sphere.  i don’t wish that person any ill will.  i just wasn’t in the mood.  bobby brown was playing on the headphones and i was trying to let him give me a pep talk about taking control.

will i do it again?  probably.  i’ve grown quite fond of the thai, but every now and again i have to indulge my childish impulses.  i’ve grown since i moved here, but everybody knows that part of my charm is that i am completely full of crap.

honed and ready,

iron paul

house cerwyn

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