Mail and Message Boards

So here I go again on the Thailand blog.  I’m gonna try to keep everything going this time.  I didn’t exactly do very much today, so I am scrambling to justify my existence by scratching out a chapter in Confessions and then blogging so that I can say that I did some writing.  Of course, it is now midnight, which means I only actually did an hour of work.  Shame on me.


I am having a little bit of trouble with some vitamins that I ordered from eBay.  Sasi and I are trying our best to take hold of the reins and get ourselves healthy, so I went a little click happy and ordered a bunch of herbs and vitamins for us.  So far, everything has come in except for one thing, four bottles of GNC’s Women’s Ultra Mega.  Sasi received a phone call two days ago saying that the package was being randomly inspected, and then a day later she was called again and said that they cannot release the bottles because they had things that were not approved by the Thai FDA.

Now, some of you will probably roll your eyes at the following tirade, but I think some of you know that this whole thing is some stone cold bulljive.  I know that rules are rules, but this is not exactly a place where anybody follows any.  Ever.  Somebody somewhere wants a bribe.  I was an idiot and had it sent FedEx, so they saw the value of the package and decided that they had a chance to make some money on it.

And you know what?  If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  But don’t assume I’m just talking out of my arse.  I’ve personally witnessed shakedowns on visa runs by greedy ‘tour guides.’  It’s not uncommon.

I checked online, and people have had the same issue.  A few of them even said all it took was a bribe.  Well, having to just abandon $150 of vitamins without a fight isn’t exactly my style.  Sasi has a relative who might be able to negotiate their release, but regardless I am in another one of those situations where I guess I kinda learned my lesson the hard way.

But let’s talk about those message boards before I split, because these things always crack me up.  On the thread I was reading about getting vitamins shipped over, a very helpful expat posited that if the person asking the question had a better diet, he or she would not need any vitamins.

Remember how I said these things crack me up?  Well, I lied.  They piss me off severely.

I’ve tried to use message boards in the past, and there is always some dipshit out there who’s just there to tell people that they are Thailand-ing wrong.  People ask about anything, and there’s always one guy who tells you that you should know better.  Don’t do this.  You’ll offend them.  Figure out Thai custom, you brute.  Do it their way.  You’re a jerk for not doing it their way.  It always sounds like some bitter prick who is not even enjoying themselves out here who gives these shitty answers.

Anyways, it looks like I might be out $150.  Living in Thailand is frustrating as hell.  I love the privacy, I love the exchange rate, and I absolutely love who I married, but crap like this just pops up out of nowhere, and it always serves to remind me just how little of a say I have in my own life out here.

And for all those little smart-asses who like to use patronizing language on the message boards, I know it isn’t any different for you.  You haven’t cracked the code.  I don’t care if you speak the language.  You get jerked around just like I do from time to time, only I bet that you’re the kind of person who gets all indignant and acts like they owe you for being such a great guest.

So I guess I’m done bitching at imaginary people now.  I wrote today.  The box has been checked.  Hell, I might even post the chapter, because it looks a lot better than the original.

But for now it’s time for bed.  I have to head out for groceries tomorrow with our taxi dude.  It’s something you have to set aside half a day for, if that’s any indicator as to what the traffic is like out here.

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