may fourteenth

alright, you idiot… here’s the rundown:

i’ve been under the weather for nearly eight days.  my semester ended under great duress, and the next day i came down with an ear, nose, and throat infection along with a tension headache.  i am just now getting back to normal.

i made a 4.0.  what do you think about that?  it is my first, and i am too exhausted to comprehend and properly celebrate, but celebrating with certainly be done in due time.

i had a death in the family.  my stepdad’s mother died, and now my parents are trying to clean out her house and give me all of her crap.  i never gave the slightest indicator that i needed anything at all.  i don’t want her gaudy nonsense, but if I don’t take it i will squash this awkward attempt at diplomacy by my parents.

i’ve been bitching at as many people as i can.  the semester was very fucking hard.  so much background noise.  i was going out of my skull.  i have decided from this day forward to tell people exactly how i feel.

as if that is any fucking change…

my dreams have changed.  last night i had a series of what seemed to be marijuana-based vignettes, and tonight i had a dream that i had sex with a jogger… while jogging.  it’s good to know that my mind still knows how to take a break.

i suppose that i all.  the ailment left me sprawled out for a good bunch of days and i am just now regaining my bearing.  i am going back to watching wrestling documentaries now.  that’s my new thing.  at least until i run out of them.

eat butt… iron smooching paul, outer smooching space

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