hey stupid,

despite my best efforts, ‘chore day’ always takes an entire day.  between cooking, cleaning, and shopping, i cannot seem to formulate any shortcuts.  not that my routine requires shortcuts.  it’s just that i never have time during the week to pull everything together.

but on a lighter note, i am having a second honeymoon with 90s music.  the grunge-punker in me still loves pearl jam and soundgarden, but the mild-mannered individual who is trying desperately to emerge is enjoying the breeders and liz phair.  splash in a little blind melon and… bam!  i’m sixteen again.

at least for the duration of my cardio set.

that’s all you’re getting today, you balding clown.  i still have a few articles of clothing to fold, then it’s back to… (groan)… piers plowman.

i’m pretty sure i’m smarter than you by now.  how do you like them apples, crap-boy?

diligentiam adhibe,

paulus ferrum, vir de magna facta

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