February 15, 2007


Yesterday while I was at a flower shop searching for a “valentine” I noticed a small child, about eight years old, who was trying to open a bottle of soda with a pair of scissors.  She was using the scissors to thrust upward on the bottle cap in an attempt to force the top off.  Her mother, seated right next to her, watched on, saying not a word.  One thrust, two thrusts, three…

Holy fucking shit… I thought to myself… is this woman going to let her child do that?

Finally, the silence was broken.

“Go give it to nana,” the woman said.

The child proceeded to skip across the floor swinging her arms back and forth, scissors still pointed upward.  Mother watched her all the way, beaming with pride.  Mama’s little angel…

“Excuse me,” I said.  “Perhaps she shouldn’t be doing that.”

“It’s ok,” the woman replied.  “She’s going to give it to her nana.”

I paid for my flowers and left the store without another word.


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