December 2, 2007


It’s haiku time once again.  Hold on to your jock strap.

It’s Christmas again
just a yearly reminder
my family sucks

Christmas memories, part one
When I was seven
I asked for a transformer
And got a Go-Bot

Christmas memories, part two
Well, son of a bitch
My Go-Bot’s arm just fell off
And I just got it!

My Christmas wish
I want you, Matthew
Under my Christmas tree
Covered in ribbons

Tell your mom it’s never too late.  Tell her I’m in college now.  Tell her I’m responsible.

Your Easter bunny,


Okay….not sure what it may be from, but after leaving my comment this comment area section is still open on the page. If I scroll down to the bottom I can see a see a section to click on next/prior now. Not sure why it’s only visible when the comment area is open, but hopefully the info helps to problem solve.



Coolio. I’ll be reading more so if I run across any other bugs I’ll be sure to comment….eager to read the next pages I can’t get to yet 🙂

Miss you!! And post some stories about all that yummy Thai food you get to indulge in 😉


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