November 28, 2007


I am pleased to announce that I have purchased a laptop computer.  It was a rather impulsive purchase, but I did need a computer for school so Christmas came a little early for me.  Since nobody else gets me anything I figure I owe it to myself.

I am also pleased to announce that I am writing this letter from my bathroom.  Words cannot do justice to the freedom I feel from this magical force they call wireless internet.  Sometimes my schedule is too busy for me to stop and take a dump, but now I will never have to worry about that again.

I can feel the freakin Dow Jones rising just from my increased productivity…

I think I might be here a while, so I’m going to click over to the BBC and get some news.  That way if my political science teacher asks us what’s going on in the world in class tomorrow, I will be right on top of it.

I treasure these talks, Matthew.  You are in my heart always.

Season’s greetings,


Last comment for today (I promise)…. the only other weird thing is at the bottom of the page it shows what posting numbers are on the next page (i.e. “”). When I click on it I can see #187 but no others. I’ll scroll to the bottom of the page and the next button is there (only if I leave the comments section open though) showing like ”” and the same thing happens after clicking ….I can see #161 on the next page but none of the others.

I wish I could understand HTML coding better…..



    Damn, dude. I have no idea. Dr. Greenlaw tried to teach me html, but I was too high for that shit.

    Is it because the letters are sorted by year? That’s all I can think of.


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